About Me

Erika Obama

I’m a 2D/3D creator living in Fukuoka, southeastern Japan. I’m passionate about illustration and visual design, though mostly experienced in IT field. So, I’m thinking about combining digital media and technology with illustration and visual design, particularly 3D arts.

What I’m experienced in


  • An early bird.
  • Half-way geek. Love Markdown and productivity hack.
    • I also like Bullet Journal.
  • Neurodivergent (autist). I see this world differently.
  • Here are some favourite things:
    • Music: house, lo-fi, jazz
    • Drinks: black tea, herbal tea, coffee
    • Habits: workout
  • Languages: Japanese (native), English (intermediate/advanced), Russian (understandable)
    • Currently I’m trying to read a dark fantasy novel Последный дозор (The Last Watch)


From saying hello to asking for a job, please send an e-mail from here.
You can also reach to me on Instagram, Twitter, ArtStation and BlenderArtists.