Erika Obama

You Are Here (The Laniakea Supercluster)

This is how we are small and lonely… People, STOP THAT MADNESS. (And let’s embrace our home planet instead 🌍)

A Universe View (3D art)

A Universe View (3D art)

A Universe View (3D art)

Technical Note

This is my first render which I played a lot with composition, to level my art up to more epic and atmospheric style.

  • The Laniakea Supercluster is done with multiple particles, by following these steps:
    1. Make the main shape with Skin Modifier or Geometry Nodes. A Universe View (3D art)
    2. Generate the guidelines with particle hair. A Universe View (3D art)
    3. Convert the hair to meshes. A Universe View (3D art)
    4. Generate particles on the hair mesh. A Universe View (3D art)
  • The Milky Way is done with particles, and a turbulence force as well, to make the hair a bit more look attracted to a specific point.
  • For the Sun, I generated flares with a volume shader by following Samuel Krug’s Solar Flares tutorial.
  • Composition is done with Blender’s compositor, Davinci Resolve, After Effects and Premiere Pro. (Premiere Composer made it easy.)
  • Planet textures are from
  • Overall, Iago Mota’s Particle workflow tutorial helped me a lot.

I originally tried to make The Laniakea Supercluster with Geometry Nodes. But, I found that particle system is still better for this kind of thing, because the shape is more manually controllable with it.