Erika Obama


The nightmare seemed to last forever. It became my vain, captured my soul and relentlessly dragged it into a cold abyss of loneliness and helplessness. I thought I’d spend the rest of my life jaded. But, who knows tomorrow? A little thing can change the whole. Now, my emptiness is filled. I’m awaking from a coma.

TLDR; Bad days won’t last forever, if you never give up on your life. Unexpected things happen.
This is a romanticized version of my feeling 🙂

Pulse (3D art)

Pulse (3D art)

Pulse (3D art)

Technical Note

The girl’s dress is sewn on Blender, as always. Pulse (3D art, WIP)

At this time, I tried using Quixel Mixer for texturing. It feels a bit different from Substance Painter, but I think it’s already enough useful if you only need basic features. And, notably, Quixel Mixer has an advantage of the price (freemium!). Pulse (3D art, WIP)

To model the tree, I did some time/mental energy saving with Geometry Nodes.

Finally, after two years of the struggle with rendering speed issues (from a GPU compatibility issue on macOS to a common “Cycles is slow” issue), I decided to try on Unreal Engine as my renderer of choice. UE’s real-time composition features and the rendering speed is just… amazing. And, it’s becoming one of the main renderers of a 3D animation studio I’ve been working for. I think this tool is definitely worth learning. Pulse (3D art, WIP)