Erika Obama

Tea And Books (Illustration + Time lapse)

Tea And Books

Tea And Books

Tea And Books)

I consume tea over coffee for everyday’s drink. Black, roasted green, herbal, and so on… Teas are mild. Those smell fancy but not too much strong. I can chillax with just a cup of tea when reading. And reading books is always adventurous. It allows my mind which caught in day-to-day life to be released and go outside of the comfort zone in a second.

However, let me talk about my 3D journey.

At the past decade, most of the time I used to work at/for was web design companies. I’m still not savvy as like as engineers, but I was enough good at coding. It was just because I started to code my website at the very beginning of 2000s (the good old time there was no social media) to share my illustration. It was not a special skill at all. Every friend around me was doing this at that time. I also did making commercial illustrations/animations, video editing and DTP sometimes.

And 3D is my newest skill which I started to learn crash after turned to 30.

Some people said “Your variant skills surely can help many people and you’re just at the beginning”.
Some people said “You aren’t specialised so you can’t make anything and it’s too late to be ‘someone’”.

Since I have such a background, my current goal is neither to work at film/game studio nor to become a specialist. I prefer to make 3D illustrations and motions for design-related fields, as one of my variant skills. (Does anybody want?)

Why? Simply because the cult of specialism is not for me. (I don’t mean specialism is evil. Just a personal preference.)

So, at this time, I made a combined artwork of design and illustration. Plus, I share a part of my journey via this time-lapse video. I hope this will catch someone’s heart…