Erika Obama

On Codependency

Codependency will slowly destroy both parties from the inside, by exploiting their deepest wounds each other… Unless they realize the dynamic, and decide to heal themselves on their own, or hand in hand.

Theme: My thought on codependency
Challenge: How to tell the story of a codependent relationship that went from a haven to the self-destruction of two.
Solutions: A combination of a light scene (= hope) and an animation of breaking hands (= negative outcome).


To tell the truth, I accidentally generated this scene from a different (yet unfinished) personal project that themed handing kindness off from one to another. I mistakenly hit Cell Fracture (Object > Quick Effects) on Blender, then these two arms stuck in rocks have generated. Ironically, it reminded me of the people’s inability to truly connect to others caused by their deep-lied insecurity and fear. And, when two people who have this type of issue meet, it would surely lead them to codependency and finally, the self-destruction of the two.

Challenges And Solutions


  • Tell a story of codependency which went from a haven to self-destruction, with the help of the generated scene.


  • Make an animation of the two hands trying to connect each other (= haven state) followed by a breakdown scene (= the destructive outcome).
  • Add a stone material for the hands so the outcome looks more destructive.

Technical Notes

  • I used two Force Field effects (Force and Turbulence) for the broken piece animation.
  • Exponential and Circular Interpolation modes (in Graph Editor) helped to visualize the magnetic attraction of insecure people.

On Codependency (3D art)

On Codependency (3D art)

On Codependency (3D art)