Erika Obama

#Meet The Artist

3D self portrait for the Instagram meme #meettheartist.
Let me describe about the details…

  • Ability
    • Curiosity + Hyper-focus
      The combination of my curiosity and hyper-focus by ASD helps me to build skills faster. I like to think way to turn a handicap to a power.
  • Equipments
    • Macbook Pro 15″ + Wacom Intuos Pro
      I like Mac’s human-friendly UX, but when it comes to 3D, the limitations occurred by its OS and AMD GPU are critical. So now I’m consider to switch to Windows… Seriously.
    • iPhone 8 + Wacom Bamboo Sketch
      When iPad Pro and Apple Pencil had released, the idea of drawing with an iPhone which I already have instead of buying that expensive stuffs came into mind. It’s enough powerful to draw A4 350dpi illustrations, and it’s far more portable than any iPads. So, as a sub machine, these are enough for me who mainly draws with a laptop.
  • Likes
    • Workout
      By influence of some male fashion model who climbs up a cliff, dive into a waterfall from a cliff, somehow I want not boyfriend like him but a 6 pack abs like him… (I’m a woman.)
    • Learning Languages (🇬🇧🇷🇺)
      Learning English and Russian languages are simply fun! English is the most powerful common language in this modern world, so it’s essential. Russian is also widely used in Eastern Europe as a common language, just as like as English in the other areas. So by learning both languages, I can find many unique interesting informations, musics and artworks from all over the world.
    • Dawn
      As an early riser, I automatically wake up with sunrise everyday. In summer, it’s about 5:30 am, in winter, it’s about 7:00 am…
  • Dislikes
    • Wearing frills and Kawaii fashion
      I like to make them in arts, but they aren’t what to wear for me. I’ve never dreamed to be a girly girl like a princess waiting for her prince comes. I rather wanted to be a “hero”.
    • Evening / Night
      Since I’m a morning person, I start to feel asleep after 6-7 pm everyday. Don’t force me overtime. I’m groggy.
    • My height (Under 155cm😭)