Why I Prefer PC/Mac And No Longer Do Stuff With An iPhone

I no longer draw with an iPhone (ja). I removed all creative apps from my iPhone, and I even sold my Wacom Bamboo Sketch stylus pen which I could draw almost perfectly with an iPhone, not with an iPad. As I posted this on an online flea market, someone purchaced it in a moment. Actually, in a moment (surprise)!

I ditched my Wacom Bamboo Sketch, a stylus pen can be used with an iPhone

It’s not only because now I’m into 3D far more than 2D, but also because now I suspect about the productivity of drawing/painting with an iPhone… Kinda.

So, now I’m going to say no to my own previous thought, sadistically and nerdily.

Why I Stopped Drawing/Painting With An iPhone

Drawing/Painting With A Smartphone Is Convenient When You Go Work Or Go To School By Public Transport. But I Work From Home

Yes, it’s a very personal reason.

I work from home, and I stick with my Macbook Pro all the day. For such a person, drawing/painting with an iPhone is just a time and energy sucker. And even if I go to office everyday, I prefer to spend that time for thinking or organising my ideas.

Short-term Attention Span Will Harm Your Ability To Focus

Why I removed creative apps is not only my personal preference but also because I want to embrace silence and emptiness, to let my brain free. Maybe you know it’s hard to get your task done with enough quality and focus when you do it in a gap time. Science supports my suspicion. Several studies argue that our attention span significantly decreased in a decade, since many people started to check their smartphones more often. If you do something like this in a train or a bus – Check social media, open a drawing app and do your stuff, and then go back to social media for a moment before you reach to the stop – it will harm your ability to focus.

Remind this: once you destructed, it will take more than 20 minutes to back your focus.

For those who mind about attention span, I highly recommend to read Cal Newport's Deep Work.

So, what about doing what I love in 60-minute lunch break? From my experience, doing stuff in lunch break is not a good idea. Because drawing/painting is a deep task. After the lunch break, you should focus on your work task in a row, probably with full-focus. It definitely causes brain fatigue. I don’t reccomend to do it.

PCs/Macs are far more productive

When I see a smartphone as a productive computer, what it takes over laptops is moility. But, when it comes to productivity, it’s clear that PCs/Macs can do far better job. For example, multitasking. There are some android smartphones which let me to split a screen to show both a drawing app and a photo viewer, but I think doing such a thing with a small screen is just unproductive…

And surely, drawing/painting is a deep task. I believe good works will be made in a deep focus. And if I do so, even I will take shorter time to finish my work.

So, I prefer computers, and I don’t use a smartphone so much. What I use it for in these days is phone calls, NFC payments, two-step verifications and Instagram.

And I Started To Think About The Meaning Of Owning A Smartphone

  • I do batch work for creative tasks
  • Gap time is for either thinking or doing nothing
  • I use a smartphone to phone calls, NFC payments, two-step verifications and Instagram

Well, these fact leaded me to something philosophical zone… Now I’m thinking about the meaning of owning a smartphone.

An anther unfrequent thing I do with my iPhone is reading e-books. But I prefer to do it with a laptop. Many banks force me to use fingerprints to enable two-step verification of their app. It makes me more worried since I read several articles about security and privacy issues of fingerprints. And for NFC and bar code payments (there are so many payment methods in here Japan), I think maybe it’s far simpler to choose one or two methods with IC cards instead of using many smartphone apps for rewards.

The chaos of cashless paiments in Japan
Not only these. Source: https://crowdcast.jp/ja/post/b190101/

Now, Instagram is the only app I have to keep in my iPhone. Because it dosen’t allow me to post multiple images from browsers. If I can do, I would like to uninstall the mobile app for faster sharing process of my artwork.

Smartphone Sucks Your Attention Even When Its Turned OFF

No matter it’s turned on or off, smartphones reduce our brain power when it's nearby.
I don’t remember the source, but once I read that our brain recognise smartphones as a “communication tool”, not just a comuter. I agree with this by my personal experience.

It is true – actually, I couldn’t focus on drawing when I did it with an iPhone in a flight mode. I feared about incoming calls and messages. On the other hands, I could forget about my phone when I did same thing with a laptop.

To reduce this fear, I keep my phone less destructive by turning off all the notifications besides phone and calendars. And when I read e-books, I always turn flight mode or DND mode on. These tricks well worked, but even though, I still can’t remove the fear of notifications and the feeling of lack of solitude.

Reading With A Smartphone Is Harmful For My Eyes

I like e-books. It allows me to get books in my hands instantly, and especially when I read books written in forein languages, digital dictionaries help me to enjoy reading.

But there is a problem. It hurts my eyes so much…

From the time I experienced the problem, I set the readers' brightness settings to low and always turn on Night Shift when reading. It works like magic, but still harmful more or less.

Figression: Freedom Of Choice Of E-book Formats

In these days, I’m reading “Последный дозор (The Last Watch)”, 4th book of a popular fantasy novel series from Russia. Except the latest one, there are English edition of the series, but because I understand (not much, but some) Russian language, I couldn’t help me to not trying original words.

What the purchasing experience from an other part of this world made me excited was the freedom of choice of e-book formats. The online bookshop let me to download same book multiple times in different formats, and even they offer PDF files to print.

E-book formats of Russian online bookshop
Source: ЛитРес

I read: in Russia and entire Eastern Europe, formats of e-books are standardised. So people read e-books with their favourite reader, not only with what the store offers. Oh, it’s really good for both e-book lovers and paper book lovers, all Kindle-person, Kobo-person and iBooks person and the others. And they don’t charge on the freedom (I purchased the book about ¥350, 1/3 price of its English edition). So nice. I wish I had such a type of freedom in my country as well.

There Is A Smartphone For Those Who Don’t Want To Addict To A Smartphone

What such a nerdy person want isPalm Phone , a card size smarphone.

I think iPhones are better at privacy, but I disagree with their own path and enclosures. Why don’t you stop making new phones with “strong” glass back panel? You named the iPhone 12 “Mini” but 5.42-inch is not mini.
In such a feeling (and a few selection of devices by the strict electrical law), I finally found a suitable one.

When it comes to user’s lifestyle, I thumbs up to Androids. When it comes to privacy and market shares, I’m about to thumbs down to Google (personally). To be honest, to consider these, a smartphone with an own OS like Light Phone is the best choice. Only if the bands covers my region, if it’s SIM free and if it’s got MIC certification and if the OS is compatible with multi languages includes English, Japanese and Russian…

Since I’m not an engineer, custom ROMs like LinageOS can’t be my choice. So what I can do when I get an Android is keep my information in several different services.

And I Even Started To Think About How To Act Online

I removed Google Search Console

Thanks to the article “Why I Draw With An iPhone” once ranked #1 on Google Search, now over 95% of visitors of this website land on that page. It’s not strange that “iPhone drawing (painting)” and related keywords filled entire my Search Console’s result.

But this caused a problem. If only an article gets massive amount of PV, all other needs are hidden.

Maybe it’s my fault that I don’t have any other “strong” content. But it’s sooooo stressful! Especially, when the argument of the most viewed article is almost opposite of current thought.

And it actually not works.
OK. It’s time to quit.

(The reason why I quit is not only personal preference but also those annoying warnings Google sent me suddenly months after no-error days, such as “you use too small fonts”, “fix the too narrow gaps between buttons”.)

I quit Google Serach Console

Analytics For What?

This thought came to me when I accidently deleted the database of Matomo Analytics.
In common, expected growth path by using analytics is:

  1. Know “what contents are popular” and “What people are interested in and what they want to see” in my website/blog
  2. Assume the topic which will get people’s attention and follow the needs
  3. Get PVs and popularity, and you will get some money through affiliate and ads

For here originally founded as a portfolio website, I could get results like these:

  • People visit to my website not only via image search but also via word search (and it will increase chances to be known)
  • After finishing the landed article, people may see some my artworks
  • I can get more followers and job orders

But the reality was cruel. Even I posted articles with some of my serious artworks, it made almost no effect. At least, in my case. (Some company offerd me to review a mobile drawing app with one-month subscription fee. Do you understand that this is just like “I’ll pay your transportation fee. So can you work for me for free?” )

… Well. This article is becoming a grumble, but.

Of course, get more impressions are better than no views. But when I continue to follow people’s demands, will this website become a library of my honest thoughts? Who can promise my own honest thoughts won’t be suffered by others?

So, I decided to not see my analytics. Maybe I will remove the tracking code soon. But I don’t proceed right now. because this thought came to me just days ago. I need a time to think. (But maybe I will do so soon, by temptation.)