Get Off-road, Live Your Rhythm

Get Off-road, Live Your Rhythm
Get Off-road, Live Your Rhythm.

In March 2020, I decided to follow only the people who inspire me, make me motivated or peaceful, who do not discourage me illogically or make me anxious on my Japanese account of Twitter.

Why did I follow such people? Probably because I had been cheating myself, leading myself to completely different direction from where I truly wanted to live in.

The path seemed to end at the similar world once I dreamed.Personal branding, certain communities, fame and unite.Sounds fantastic. But something was critically wrong. The place seemed where I cannot be myself.

What empower me are single-play, freedom and liberty.

However, the effect of declutter was obvious. I lost 45/394 followers just in a month. I don’t know those who unfollowed me were those I unfollowed or not. But I don’t regret nor care.

I know that I can never do a good job in that way, anyway.
So, what direction will lead me to happiness?

What happiness stand for? : Get Off-road, Live Your Rhythm.

Live Their Rhythm?

In my case, Twitter and Instagram were constantly growing my anxiety and jealous. Since I am not a very social person, I usually get a few likes from local strangers for the contents I shared worldwidely, particularly on Twitter. This happens on any SNS, but particularly on Twitter. Not this situation was the only reason which got me nervous, but also I was feeling sick by seeing other people’s “news release” tweets (He/She’s done such a fantastic job! But why I’ve never got one???).

Also, as I write at first, I was hunting the “succeeded” future as a freelance digital creator. I had been believing success could be reached by following the way succeeded people do and should not say no to things I deeply feel not valuable to be closer to “future me”, until I’ve got enough budjets. Tweeting charmingly is required. I should release low-budget plans for the people who don’t want overqualified stuff, because most of the people want to order moderate quality contents with reasonable price.

To be honest, this was what I never want to do. I understand considering about budgets and deadlines is essential, but even though, I prefer to focus passionately on creating each stuff as like as a masterpiece.
As a result of following those completely opposite of my preferences, I lost my faith.

Find My Own Rhythm

Of course, none of those above were evil. Yes, there are standard methods to make it happens. Everything was occured by my perspective.

But anyway, perspective is the key. I believe this saying: continuity is the father of success. I believe publishing continiously on less-anxiety media which fits me will make much better results than by following standard methods which never fits me.

For me, it is Blog. And maybe vlog, too. Since I keep commenting feature turned off, my blog has no destruction feature at all. On the other side, vlog has some destructing feature, though… Anyway, these media are definitely slow rather than tweets or Instagram posts.

Slowness is one of the thing I need. Sometimes I feel difficulty of real-time text conversation because converting my thought (which appears video or emotional form) into text is hard. For such a person, read recipet and the culture cheers to send a reply in hours are toxic. If I only focus on blog and vlog, I can stay away from those as well. I think getting rid of LINE is not smart for convenience reason, but even I let the busyness culture alive on this app, I can get a huge value from having less chances of quick replies.

As many people know, blog is not instant sharable platform like any SNS. But on the flipside, there is a growth possibility of impression. It means the content had got no pageview in an hour will not be flushed away but will be indexed later and found, while people still using search engines. This actually makes me a social gnome smile.

Live My Rhythm

There is another thing to rethink.What is my dream life? Especially, daily life?

  • How I wake up everyday?
    – Wake up at sunrise. No alarm required.
  • What I do in every morning?
    – Jot down morning pages, plan a day, boot a washing machine, bla bla bla…
  • What I eat?
    – Healthy foods: fruits, vegetables, beans, rice and breads, etc…
  • What I have?
    – Less things, more quality. I choose ethical things as much as I can.
  • How I work?
    – My schedule and workplace are managed by myself. I make values by fully commiting on what I am passionate about, such as movie editing, graphic design, and of course 3D illustration!
  • Where I live in?
    – A simple clean studio apartment in a cosy urban area. Somewhere near nature.
  • How do I spend free time?
    – Taking a walk, workout, watching movies, listening music.

When I imagined my dream daily life, I realised that all I want are cosy, independence, freedom and liberty (I already have half of these!). Fame looks sweet, but fame itself is just a surface, it’s absolutely not worth to get by losing my mental stability.

Instead, I want to focus on the essence.
If I had many audiences, I’d like to inspire people who will be compassionate about my vision (no need to agree), not for anonymous.