Intentional Living At Home With Low Budget

Intentional Living At Home With Low Budget

If you care yourself well and keep you motivated, you will be more creative. Here I show some tips to live intentional at your home (with low-budget), for those who are stressed and unmotivated.
I love life hack and mind hack, so I sometimes can’t stop to talk such a topic… However, I recommend some of these tips for the people who have short-term memory or hyper-focus as well.

Plan Your Week On Each Sunday

Plan Your Week On Each Sunday: it helps me to keep on track until weekend. It also helpful as autism treatment.

Weekly schedule helps me to keep on track until weekend. My brain is made to focus on short-term goals and impulse, so I surprisingly easy to forget daily and weekly goals. Once I’ve filled daily tasks of the week, I review it every morning, and hand-write detailed tasks of the day on a paper each morning. It reminds me what I should do today, and keep my brain memory free.

Internet Radio

In these days, travelling around the world is almost impossible. Instead, you can jump over region to region and listen “on air” sounds online. TuneIn offers this feature for free. If you live in Japan, you can listen local radio via radiko.

Personally, I

  • Start each morning with local news programme.
  • Then, switch to ambient or dance music station such as Cafe Del Mar (Spain) and Kiss FM Ukraine to focus until noon.
  • In the afternoon, I tune in Europa Plus, a Russian radio station which offers latest English/Russian hits and surprisingly lively morning show! It re-energise me feeling lazy in afternoon.
  • After the show ended, I jump to New Zealand, to listen RNZ National. It’s strange to hear “Good evening” or “Good night” 3 hours earlier, but sometimes it helps me to have a will-power to finish my stuff as faster as I can.
Internet radio (Tune In) allows you to travel all around the world virtually.

Take A Break By Cleaning Home

Take A Break By Cleaning Home

Instead of scrolling SNS feed or surfing on the Web, I often wipe the floor or a table. It also gives you a little bit of satisfaction by get a thing done.

Also, preparing meal for several days at once works well.

Take a break by preparing meal for several days

Plan What To Buy Next

Make a wish list, order multiple items at once. It not only keeps you away from implust buying, but also helps to reduce carbon footprints by making less shipping chances.
(And especially in here Japan, the amount of delivery stuff increased two times higher through this “quarantine*” time.)

Of course, I prefer to choose ethical prooducts to order.

* We are’nt forced to stay at home, but many people do it strictly. I think it clearly shows what our culture is – a village community. We keep our safety by staying at home, but at the same time, we do this because we are scared to be discriminated by neighbours(!) by being different.

Take A Walk

Take a walk for your health

Of course, if you’re allowed. Months ago, I let myself not going to anywhere besides supermarket or ding workout for a month. After that, I noticed that my physical strength got clearly weakened. I’m sure almost nobody doubt about the importance of physical activity at this time.

But when you go out, please consider where to go carefully. Some large parks are maybe too crowded…

Standing Desk

An another solution you can do at home. Standing while you are working will keep your muscles strong. You don’t need to have a special equipment to do this. Actually, I use a MUJI wagon practically. It doesn’t spark joy at all, but it works enoughly well. And of course it increases my productivity as well.

Watch Movies, Or Read Books

Watch movies more for personal joy
* This image is about asexuality, not about autism.

Having fun or taking some learning time is precious. Personally, I often get caught by hyper-focus and take too long time for creation, because I’m autistic. Recently, I did 15 hours of (almost) non-stop 3D modelling with Blender. So, for such a person, consuming media is not a bad habit. It just depends on your current habit. For me, it rather can be a treat. Watching movie helps me to understand how people communicate each other more naturally.

Things Will Be Better With Smart Actions

I hope these tips will give you some inspiration. (Probably you’re fed up with this word, but if you are under quarantine,) please stay safe.