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These are 3D printed sculptures I made for the group exhibition “Pasharapainte”.

3D printed sculptures "Seasons" made by Erika Obama for the group exhibition "Pasharapainte" at Fukuoka, Japan.

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Concept art for the theatre play “Ghost At The End Of April”. Digital illustration, 2019 Theatre info (Japanese):

Concept art for the theatre play “Setouchi Shojo Radio Kyoku”.( literal translation: Setouchi Girls’ Radio Station). Digital illustration, 2018 Theatre info (Japanese):

Concept art for the theatre play “Tomoshibi No Naka, Anata Wo Omou”( literal translation: Praying For You Under The Slight Light). Digital illustration, 2017-2018 Theatre info (Japanese):

Exhibited at ZEROTEN 2018 (Gallery Tatsuya). Watercolour, 2018

Watercolour on paper, 2018

For Gallery Yubikan public exhibition. Digital illustration, 2014

Digital illustration, 2018

Candy and lollipop — they have different perspective, they dream different dreams. Digitalillustration, 2014