Erika Obama

Environment Decides How You Live

Okay, Restart From Here

Recently I erased previous blog, and decided start it over as a mish-mashed blog about thoughts on creative things, productivity and lifestyle.

Why I erased previous blog is: because it offenced to my honest feelings and lifestyle. Because I had been surrounded by IT entrepreneurship cult and fancy local blogging trend (examples) at that time and drawn. But I had been feeling something was wrong, and now understand that way was clearly not for me.

Environment Decides How You Live

And where you go. What you choose to see makes your world.

The strange 2020 was a good timing to change the environment. I encouraged myself to consume more contents which written/spoken in English (and some Russian) over my native language, to avoid the fancy trend. As a non-native speaker, I’ve got a huge merit to use English exclusively on the internet. It allowed me to find much amount of qualified information and thoughts from all over the world, ovbiously. And this was notable for me: a lot of people from different area with different perspective write, publish and discuss their opinion generally makes the content well polished.

As a result of over a year experiment, now I can see the local culture from different perspective. I can see what our culture have, and what our culture lack. I can see how I and people around me were infuluenced by limitless materialism, consumerism and “being average is safe” culture, compared to foreign people.

Now I even think Western thinking style may fit more to me than East-Asian style (to be honest, as a ND I used to think so since I was a kid, btw). Maybe I’m just surrounded by yet another cult, maybe I’m just feeling greener about the grass on the other side, though.

  • Catchy title with an exclamation: i.e. [Six-pack abs in 2 weeks!!] 10-minute hardcore workout
  • Affiliates: Even minimalists write articles to push useful products. I see Japanese minimalists focus on “having less but better stuff” game, while American minimalists focus more on mental wellness.
  • Chat in an article: An author and a mascot character(s) often talk each other in an article with talk bubbles. It just looks like what’s in messaging apps. Some says this is an influence of manga culture.