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Sweet Box – Anime-style short animation

This is my first anime-style clip made with Blender 2.8 and Eevee render. Of course, only very basic techniques are used in this video, but here I share a small technical talk and wireframes. Stills And Technical Talk Technical Talk Modelled, rigged, animated, rendered with Blender 2.8. Textures are made with Substance Painter (It saves tons of time, really!).Technically, asContinue reading »Sweet Box – Anime-style short animation

Making Of An Illustration With An iPhone And Clip Studio Paint

Don’t have an iPad? You can draw with an iPhone!So, at this time, I made a time-lapse video of making an illustration with an iPhone and Clip Studio Paint. People often ask me “Do you draw with your finger?”.My answer is always “No. I use a Wacom Bamboo Sketch stylus pen.”I know there are people who draw game quality illustrationsContinue reading »Making Of An Illustration With An iPhone And Clip Studio Paint

Seasons(3D Sculptures For The Group Exhibition “Pasharapainte”)

These are 3D printed sculptures I made for the group exhibition “Pasharapainte”. The Exhibition What’s “Pasharapainte”? “Pasharapainte” is a coined word combined with “Pasha” (an onomatopoeia of shutter sound) and “Paint”, from the concept of this exhibition – collaborations of photographers and painters. The Preparation Process The preparation process of this exhibition took all year long for some photographers andContinue reading »Seasons(3D Sculptures For The Group Exhibition “Pasharapainte”)