Erika Obama

About Me

Hello. I’m Erika Obama 1 , a freelance 2D/3D creator who lives in Fukuoka, Japan.
Since I found my passion in 3D graphics after I have worked for a decade in different creative fields from Web design to print design to video editing 2 , now I’m curious about combining 3D graphics with these typically non-3D-related media.
And, as a life-hack/productivity nerd autist, I’m also passionate about telling my self-development experience as a neuro-divergent. (This is work-in-progress.)

This place is bound to be a showcase of these type of things.


I’d appericiate your message from saying hello to asking for a job.
Please feel free to send an e-mail from here. You can also reach to me on Twitter, ArtStation and BlenderArtists, but response might be slow.

  1. Obama means “small beach” in Japanese. The accent would be differ between dialects, but I pronunce my surname Òbama. Not Obàma. ↩︎

  2. Here are what I’m experienced in: 2D illustration, pixel art, messenger app stickers, explainer animations, 3D modelling, stylised character, Web design, print design, graphic design and video editing. ↩︎